Why a Tour de Food Blogs?

The idea came to me when I realized I have been reading the same few blogs for the past 4 months. I rarely look at other blogs that aren’t on my normal rotation. It wasn’t until I started clicking links from a blog that had tagged others that I started to realize I needed to broaden my food blog horizons. What better way to increase my recipe box while also bringing some visibility to other food blogs?

Who is featured on the Tour de Food Blogs?

Anyone who writes a food blog. It could be you!

What is included in the Tour de Food Blogs posts?

The blogger will provide me with 4 to 6 of their favorite recipes and I’ll choose 3 or 4 to make throughout the month. I’ll post the original recipe, my experiences with it, as well as commentary from the blogger. At the beginning of each month I’ll also post a feature interview that introduces you to the blogger and his or her blog.

Are there food restrictions on the Tour de Food blogs?

Yes, but just one.  WH is allergic to peanuts and peanut butter so any recipes with those ingredients will not be used.  It’s no fun eating a dish by myself just because it has something in it that WH can’t eat 😉

How often are Tour posts made?

Each month, one blog will be showcased. I’ll post once a week, hopefully by Wednesday.

How can my blog be featured on the Tour de Food Blogs?

Check out the Tour My Food Blog! tab for information.

Have another question? Email it to tourdefoodblogs[at]gmail[dot]com


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